Do we like this?  Do we do it?  I have nothing interesting to say, but find that other people do.  Advise. 

Also, Candace Cameron has Twitter.  Does Kelly Kapowski?  She must, right?  If yes then I am all in.

Update: Okay, I did it.  So far, I don't really get it.  But I am following DJ, Kelly Kapowski, and Kimmy Gibbler.  And TB, of course. 


  1. I LOVE Twitter, I'm so happy you're on now!! Seriously, I don't even really use FB at all anymore, because I've replaced it with Twitter. It's like a big giant chat room.

    Give it a chance! Make sure and enable notifications so that you know when someone mentions you. I've already tweeted to you twice. :)

  2. Okay, it's like crack. Friday, I'm in love.