Who's Down With OPP?

Oh, yeah, not me.

Okay, so last night Husband and I were watching our game shows and fighting over who was smarter (Husband went to an "Ivy" and is therefore very snotty and thinks he is better than me when really, I am the cool one) as per usual, and somehow he started singing "OPP" (Naughty by Nature?  I totally forget and there is no way to find out this information on my own) and I said "What did that even mean?"

Record scratch.  Even Bink was like "Cracka, please."

Bewilderedly, Husband told me what it meant and I was HORRIFIED.  I'm sorry, I don't care, that is inappropriate.  So now Husband STILL thinks he has the upper hand, which is of course not true for many obvious reasons, and Bink no longer consults with me on any sort of current events (read: the contents of Us Weekly).  I'm sad, I'm betrayed, but more importantly, I'm shocked.

That really is gross.  I sang that song on the schoolbus!

Ha, and yes, apparently now I think I'm the Queen of England.


  1. ...you really didn't know what that meant?

    Okay, I can't be too surprised--I thought a virgin was a bird for the LONGEST time, because I asked my mom what it was when "Like A Virgin" was popular and that was her answer. Let's chalk it all up to childhood innocence, shall we?

  2. Totally LMAO @ you singing this on the schoolbus! That is GREAT! :o)