Love a Man in Uniform

Okay, I will say that I definitely have a thing for men in uniform.  My first real boyfriend was a cop (in London, he wore leathers, I'll tell you that story another time, but just to whet your appetite, it did involve him proposing to me in my 1994 Corolla, me saying no, and then chasing him around my parents' house while he cried and wore leather pants) and I've dated servicemen, and though Husband is an attorney, he looks REALLY good in his lacrosse uniform.  I think it's because organization and matching items turn me on.  Ha, that made me laugh, because it is a teeny bit true. 

Anyway, on Fridays I work from home, and that means a more relaxed pace, Peppa Pig for Bink (have you seen this?  It is seriously the cutest.  British pigs!  Too much.) and if I am a very good girl, packages delivered.  Specifically, packages from the UPS man.

Now, of course everyone loves getting packages in the mail, it's usually something fun that you've been looking forward to, but I am doubly happy when the bell rings because my UPS man is seriously the sexiest man alive.

No.  Joke.

He's probably in his late forties, very handsome, and very charming and friendly.  He always has a story or something funny to say and I seriously end up blushing and flirting like a crazy person like a total idiot.  Like, he was here two hours ago and my face is still warm.

Sigh.  I wish I had a picture.  This is pretty much what he looks like:
Like, pretty much the same...


  1. Oh dear... A Man in uniform... *sigh*

    I wish I got to see them more often.


  2. TOTALLY agree with your attraction to men in uniform. For me, I think it's because I associate it with being an authority figure or something like that. I'm dying to see your UPS man! Have him deliver something to ME! :o)

  3. I wish you guys could see my UPS man. I seriously tried to figure out if I could find his name online because I am a creep, but I could not (sadness). He is so dreamy... men in uniform really are the sexiest.