Lucky, lucky, lucky...

Sometimes I forget, but I'm lucky.  I'm really lucky.

I'm feeling overly emotional and super anxious because Bink has not slept in a very long time (again!  This chick is all or nothing, poor bunny) and it definitely messes with my head.  But I've been feeling a little bit sorry for myself, which I realize is a mistake, because there really isn't anything important that I don't have...

I have a baby that is smart, funny, and adorable.  Who cares if she doesn't sleep?  She's healthy.  That's the focus.  It's so easy for me (and probably lots of people) to just focus on the little stuff, the stuff that's annoying, that sucks, but it really is a waste of time. 

I have an awesome husband who makes me laugh and is my best friend.  I know I don't appreciate him sometimes because I get bogged down in my own crap, but he is awesome and I am lucky to have him.

My family is unbelievable.  I could not have the life I have without them. 

My friends are turkeys, for the most part, but amazing. They support me and make me laugh and love me and I love them. 

So yeah, I'm just overtired but it's true and I totally take things for granted. I'm so, so lucky.  Most of us are.  We're healthy, we have food, we have a roof over our head, and we have love in our lives.  It's everything.  It's beyond everything.

Also, my dad just got an inspection sticker for my car and filled my gas tank!

The universe is conspiring to make things happen :)

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