God School

Wait, am I going to get in even MORE trouble today for this?

I am 100% positive people are plotting my demise on the West Coast, so I will just put it all out there.

So I am Catholic.  Husband is Catholic.  We are not overtly religious, like, don't go to church, but I like to think there is a higher power out there, and I love organized things, so organized religion, wahoo.  You know what I mean.

There is no way the bonnet that comes with Bink's gown will fit her.
So Bink is getting baptized this weekend.  I know, I waited until she was ready for the Prom before I signed her up for this because I did NOT WANT TO GO TO CLASS.  I'm not her godmother, why should I have to go to a class to learn about - actually, I have no idea what we are going to learn about, but tonight we have to go to a baptism class and I am terrified.  We didn't get married in a church so we didn't do Precana, but it sounded pretty intense.  Bink is getting baptized at the church I grew up in, that I have not been to since my Confirmation, I don't think, and again, this terrifies me.  I am scared it's going to be like CCD where we had to talk in front of people and share stories about faith (fine, we did not do this in CCD, but it could happen tonight!!) and the teacher will yell at me for talking to my neighbor and I'll go straight to hell.

This is what happens at baptism class, correct? 
Fine, I only sort of remember this episode, so I can't think of anything funny.
I will keep you posted. 

Also, I ordered a deli sandwich platter for the afters.  And a cake.  But I'm REALLY excited for the sandwiches.

This is more my speed.

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