The Tooth

My first job was at a law firm.  I was a paralegal and all of the paralegals and legal assistants were basically getting it on and falling in love and drunk at all times.  I know, SO professional.  Whatever, I was 22.  Anyway, for the company outing that first year we did one of those "everyone play team sports and then we'll have a cookout" things, to which my friends and I were like "um, no thanks, I think we'll just find where you stashed the beer and drink that, and then watch you other nerds play team sports while we are drunk.  Then eat hot dogs."  It was a good time.  That said, before the party, because we were the coolest, we made t-shirts.  And for reasons I forget, we put "The Truth" on the back, but because we MAY have been partaking of some (tons) of... um... you know (pffft) , the shirts came out totally awful, though in the moment we thought they were GORGEOUS.  And delicious-looking.  We wore them anyway and everyone asked "Why do your shirts say The Tooth?" 

We were idiots.

So Bink has not been sleeping for 58940 years and it was revealed today that she is getting her last front tooth.  The Tooth.  So that's why she's been miserable and hating us (me, it always comes back to me) and I am so tired that tears are just running down my face while I do my work and walk around my office.  It can't be helped, it's a symptom of exhaustion for me and I can't do anything about it.  But now we know.

The Tooth.

Obviously I still have the shirt.  It really is awesome.

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