WHY is nobody watching this with me?!!?

On Saturday, the mailman (NOT the dreamboat UPS man, who came yesterday with a delightful little surprise I had forgotten ALL about - see below, $46!) brought Bink and I a lovely surprise. 
Obviously I will style it like this, too. Or wear it over sweatpants. No! Resolution: look cute! I will look EXACTLY like her.
SHE got a set of Diaper David books (do you have these?  SO cute.  My bestie's son is named David and when he was little he was convinced these books were about him because he looked JUST like David from the books) and I got...
Oh, David!: A Pocket Library
Beyond cute. And his "No, David!" books are even better.
Season One of Happy Endings.
It was cheaper on Amazon last week. Probably because it's so COOL now.

Have you watched it?  If not, try it.  It's on ABC and you can watch it OnDemand because I don't know what actual night it is broadcast.  They refer to the following:

1. Party subs.  Have we discussed my intense love for party subs?  Please see below at my 30th birthday.

Party Sub and I, posing formally.
2. The girls wear cute accessories.
3. They have the "Friends" lifestyle that we all aspire to but none of us have.  Specifically, I would like four other friends that are two guys and two girls and we hang out at each other's places all the time and drink wine and eat cheese and be hilarious.  If you DO have this, I hate you officially.  Cougartown also does this, and of that I am equally jealous.  Because honestly being jealous of fake things is totally normal.

Fine, I will be you. Then.
Or now. I don't care.
4. Did I mention Party Sub?
Get a room!
So yeah, the odds are that I will watch the first season of Happy Ending for the ninth time in a row, straight through, tonight while I am trying to recoup from my bird flu.  Or minor cold.  Same diff.

And watch Happy Endings.  You won't be sorry.  Unless you don't like it.  Then I take no responsibility.


  1. LOL. I totally get you!!! But instead of being jealous of the "Friends" lifestyle, I'm insanely jealous of the "Sex and the City" lifestyle - you know, the camraderie with girlfriends that don't secretly h*te you and eventually stab you in the back! LOVE THAT! :o)

  2. I need those kinds of lady friends too, Minxy. Too bad that you, K, and I can't all live a little closer. We'd have so much fun!

    I started watching Happy Endings after you and I talked about it last, K, and I don't know why I ever stopped watching it to begin with--that show is AWESOME. Seriously. New favorite show. The only one I look forward to anymore. My favorite is the Halloween episode, but every other episode is in a close second. LOVE.

  3. Seriously, that would be so much fun. It would be hilarious. Teri, I fell in love with it all over again, for the first time, when I saw so many in a row - it became full-on mania. I loooove when Penny and Max go as the mom and baby!