And the Resolution is BROKEN.

I made a mistake at work.  It is fixed now, but I am SO upset and disappointed in myself.  It is very hard to not beat yourself up over things like this, no?  It sucks.  How depressing is this post?  Not even kittens could save it now...
For reals, yo.
Stupid kittens.  And me.


  1. There's something in the air, because I'm beating myself up today too. Nobody's perfect.

    Let's move on and stop dwelling, shall we? Every time we have those thoughts, lets think of the "I Found Love" video. Who can be sad while thinking about a flowered hat and super-cool dance moves? Nobody, that's who.

  2. STOP making me laugh when I am sad and moping! But you're right, I guess everyone has one of those days (I mean, I didn't think I ever would, of course) and we just have to move forward. Eventually. Now I have to go find that video... :)

  3. I think this Red Bull will help too. Sometimes caffeine makes everything (seem) better. :)

  4. Get out of my brain, as I am housing the world's biggest coffee and feeling tons better.