Why I Haven't Left the House in Months. Or: why I had to delete Loving Leah on the Hallmark Channel from my DVR.

Absence, schmabsence.  Let me tell you, I have been HERE.

Well, not here writing because I leave every thought I have in whatever receptacle is handy at the moment, and it isn't pretty.

Preg again.  This time, with a boy. Now, with my girl I was the sickest on the planet.  Everyday, all day, for 34 straight weeks.  Now, 21 weeks in, I have been sick for 15 straight weeks and it is WORSE.  How?  Well, in addition to the constant nausea and vomiting, I have every single other symptom that has ever been recorded by a pregnant person.  I've done the Kate Middleton dehydration thing a few times, but it doesn't work OR give me nice hair.  Sidenote: she is TOTALLY having a girl.  You can tell from her face.  Kim Kardashian is having a boy, which you can tell because her face isn't getting bigger.  Anyway, I spend my life either in my bed or at my office.  It is the pits. 

So why would I think of logging on again?  Because I see no one, I talk to no one, I do nothing except feel guiilty about not being there for Bink, because I'm not, and watch the Hallmark Channel and it's getting sad-ish.  ISH!  Listen, the Hallmark Channel is good because it shows movies that COULD REALLY HAPPEN.  I mean, of course The Babysitter's Seduction on Lifetime is extremely plausible, because why wouldn't Felicity have an affair with the dad from Seventh Heaven?  Hubba, hubba.  I digress.  Hallmark Channel movies are extra, extra sappy and that's just where I am right now.  Case in point: Loving Leah.  WHO has seen this?  Probably nobody except my mom, who I forced to tape it, because for about three solid weeks, I watched it daily and sobbed.  Finally I had to delete it because it was interfering with my emotional health, but if you get the chance, watch it.  There are so many sage pieces of wisdom.  For example, when Leah's mother tells her "a mother is only as happy as her saddest child" I had to pause it and cry for 2 hours.  Because it's TRUE.  Also, Leah is played by that redheaded girl in "Can't Hardly Wait" and remember when that came out?  It was SO long ago! 

So let's see if we can get back into this.  Also, where can I buy many, many teeny sailor suits?