bb Cream

Has anyone used this?  My bestie is now swearing by it, but I am not convinced because it's like $37 and I don't want to be fooled into buying it just to hate it.  Like I do for everything else.  What!?  Advertising works for a reason.  Because it makes you need awesome things.

Famous Person Sighting, Kind of


So yesterday on the train home I saw the identical twin of the red-haired mulleted man in Jesse and The Rippers.  For REALS.  Don't remember him offhand?  Yes, you do...

The guy on the right.
 AND the guy in the train station was artistically carrying a large guitar case.  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT!


I tried to make three dinners last night.  All sucked.  But I am trying to remain positive BECAUSE tonight may be a Papa Gino's night.  I think I talk about Papa Gino's more than, like, anything else.  But it really is that good. 

Ech I need dinner ideas.  I look at all of the cute websites that moms who are better than me run with all of their cute recipes and adorable napkins and I still don't wanna. 


Change of season, change of clothes

Is anyone else SICK of winter clothes?  Ech.  I want to take my black pants, that I have worn like nine times in a row sans washing, and throw them out the window.  They wouldn't go that far BUT it would be liberating.  I have picked out my whole new spring wardrobe, and Bink's whole new spring wardrobe, but won't buy it because I get severe anxiety paying full price for ANYTHING except potato chips and wine.

Also, I feel like this weather makes you pasty. Like, I'm super white and at the same time, super pink.  So today I Paris Hiltoned myself with bronzer (do kids still talk about Paris Hilton?  I cannot in good faith use a Jersey Shore reference here because I've never seen it.) and looked like Blanche Devereaux. 

You know how everyone in 1988 had flowy outfits and orange stripes on their cheeks? That's me today.
Aside: has anyone ever seen that random Lifetime movie where Blanche either gets married when she's really old or randomly has a baby even though she's really old?  I can't really remember what the premise was, it was one of those two scenarios.

Also, I have all of these pink lip glosses that I put on and they make me look whorey or like I don't know how to put on makeup.  Is it time to buy more lipsticks?  Probably.  For the record, Juicy Tubes, I hate you now because you make me look like I think I am young and cute.  I'm going to buy lipstick. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be blizzardly.  VOM.  I want shorts NOW. 

Tonight Bink and I are making chili cheese fries.  I will let you know how it goes. 

Leap Eve

If anyone watches 30 Rock, and takes it as seriously as real life, you will know that Leap Day is a holiday in which you can do anything you want and it doesn't count, including taking the virginity of that guy from Eastbound and Down.  Hubba, hubba.

Anyway, I am thinking about what my perfect day would be, if I could do anything sans consequences, and I've come up with two scenarios, one with Binks and one without...

My perfect day with Binks:
We sleep in.  When she does get up, she sits with me in bed and we watch a few episodes Saved by the Bell.  Then we have English muffins and fruit squeezies, and she eats everything without complaint.  Then we go to the playground.  Then we go to Friendly's and have grilled cheese and loaded waffle fries with cheese goo and bacon.  Then we go shopping and buy matching outfits.  Then we put on matching outfits and go to a barbecue with a bunch of little kids and all of my friends. 

Sensible yet faaaaaaabulous!
My perfect day alone:
Bed.  Champagne.  Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Probably loaded waffle fries from Friendly's.

It doesn't take much, kids.


This is why I would still bang Christopher Plummer

Except obviously, we'd be making love.

Search Term Thursday!

On Monday! 
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For the record, NOTHING is wrong with Christopher Plummer's nose.  He's like Mary Poppins, perfect in everyway.  I know Mary is practically perfect in every way but I don't want to bone Julie Andrews, present day, like I do Christopher Plummer.  Did you see the Oscars, darling?  I want to incorporate "darling" in my vernacular, but it's like fetch, I'd never make it happen.


Skirting the Issue

Oh, isn't that punny and cute!?  I'm like Carrie Bradshaw!

Seriously - a phenomenon has taken place.  Today is warmish, and I wore a skirt.  I own one winter-appropriate skirt, no bigs, right?  Wrong.  It is like the biggest news ever - everyone is commenting on it.  Do you wear skirts in winter?  I can't get my head around this, but maybe it's a common thing?  At any rate, it IS a cute skirt and maybe dressing like a girl at work isn't a bad thing.

Also, this stretch of warmish weather is making me obsessed with Bink's summer wardrobe.  I am on Pinterest and shopstyle.com like whoa.  And yes, I just said "like whoa". 

Search terms this week are also very hilarious.  I am so excited for search term Thursday AND for Saved by the Bell Thursday.  Doozies, my friends... doozies...



1. Search term Tuesday: fatass diet coke
2. Today is frigid but tomorrow should be 60 degrees.  Therefore I am making taco salad and grapefruit margaritas for dinner.  I make the best grapefruit margaritas of all time.  The trick is to juice fresh grapefruit.  I am already thirsty.
3. "Danny's Song" just came on my Spotify.  Seriously, you all need to get this.  Guys, it's Napster for the 2010s!  Is that a term?  Probably not. 
4. That is all for now.


This weekend I took Bink out for some fresh air and shopping (the peanut butter and jelly of life) and went to a place that I had heard about but had never actually been to - it's called Kidville, and they have locations in eight states (check out http://www.kidville.com/ to find one near you) and it's a really cool concept.  You walk into a storefront that has great toys for kids (Bink's aunties and uncles have spoiled her with many suprises from Kidville that she loves), and then you go around a corner and there's a huge, awesome playspace.  They offer classes and host birthday parties, and even open up the playspace at certain times of the week for kids to run around, climb and play on their own. 

I spoke to the Party Manager at my local Kidville and got a ton of information and I'm really excited to check a class out for myself.  Have any of you been to Kidville yet?  I know I am always looking for places to take Bink where she can interact with other kids and blow off steam, so I can't wait to go here with her really soon (there was a birthday party going on when we stopped in, so we haven't played yet, but I will let you know how we do!)  Here are the hours for my local Kidville, at Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA:

Playspace Hours Until April 26th: ($12 per child for a Day Pass)
Monday-9am-11am, 1:30pm-3:30pm
Tuesday-9am-9:45am, 12:30-4:30pm
Wednesday-12pm-1pm, 2:30pm-4:30pm
Thursday-9am-9:45am, 1:30pm-4:30pm
Friday-11:30am-1:30pm, 2:30pm-4:30pm
Saturday- 10:30am-12:00pm
Sunday- No Hours unless there is not a booked Birthday Party ( Call to see if open for playspace)

Also - they are offering a free trial class (at least at the Foxborough location), just register online at http://www.kidville.com/ - let me know if you try it!


Two quick things

Work has been INSANE so I've been away all week - been doing some really cool stuff with a website that will be coming to you soon - eek!  I'm terrified because the guys who created the site are legit smart, cool, funny people and I have food stains on my shirt right now that I told someone were courtesy of Bink (of course it was me, she didn't do it) BUT I wanted to:
1. Reiterate eBates.  DO IT.  I just got a check for $70 for nothing.  See that little link up there?  If you shop online at all, sign up.  Promise.
2. So I immediately tried to find a way to spend it, and ended up at my favorite store for stationery, accessories, all the little cool stuff that's nice to look at and functional, Purseladytoo.  You guys know I am secretly Buffy von Worthington and love Lilly Pulitzer and the more obnoxiously preppy, the happier I am (not popped collars, of course) and the woman who runs this shop is SO NICE.  She is so helpful and thoughtful and always cool little sales with free shipping over $30. 
3. Also, Husband got me beef jerky and a Domino's gift card.  I can't remember if I told you that or not already, but it's so nice I've got to say it twice.

Kisses and squeezes and have a great weekend!


What Babies Need

So there are a lot of babies being borned in my neck of the woods (well, like a couple of my friends, and since I only have like three friends, that is a lot, right?) and I have been busily buying baby shower gifts and remembering back to all of the crap I got for Bink that I TOTALLY NEEDED but are still sitting unopened in her closet.  Let's get organized here, kids, you don't need THAT much.  Here's what I think you need - like outside of baby furniture and a carseat.  What did I miss?
  • Jams WITH feet.  Seriously, they make the cutest little baby jams that don't have feet, which I am convinced is a conspiracy to get you to double your purchases for your baby's wardrobe because you always need footie jams.  Socks do not stay on tiny baby feet so there is no point in wasting your time.
    She must be a hipster because she is TOTALLY over it.  But in footies, so we're good.
  • Hats.  Because their little heads are mushballs, it's nice to have a hat for tons of protection.  And you need a bunch of hats for every type of weather, so you may as well buy tons in many different sizes and fabrics and styles because I don't know about you, but I like my baby to have a bit of flair.
    Sleeping didn't happen much when she was teense... this was a rare moment.
Summer, winter, always a hat.

  • SwaddleMes.  Listen, I could not swaddle Bink no matter how hard I tried.  Inevitably, she snuck out of it in under two seconds and ruined my life.  Pony up the money and buy a ton of these because babies are always cold and it's too hard to do it yourself.

Lady, this swaddle is a JOKE.

  • Changing pad covers (multiple) because they pee and poop and sick up all over them and it's nice to just be able to replace the pad easily instead of having to wait and wash it, you know?  Also, they're like eight dollars.  Worth it.
  • Baby bag with portable changing pad.  Obvi.  Those things in the public restrooms are germ city.
  • Hand sanitizer. 
  • Aquaphor.  Babies are usually super dry and this keeps them nice and soft.
    See, no Aquaphor.  That's why she's pissed.
  • A toy that you can sit them in.  That way you can put them down for two seconds and blow your nose and they will stay safe.  Don't leave them alone, der, but if you're there, it's nice.  And they think it's fun.
  • She still loves this thing.  She's too big for it - so now she just knocks it down, but it still entertains her.
  • Humidifier.  The noise helps them sleep and keeps the air from getting too dry.
  • Swing.  Maybe some kids don't like them, but Bink slept in hers so often.  It was a life-saver.
  • This was Kate and William's wedding day.  Partied out.  Again.  We both wore white and veils.  WHAT.
  • Diapers and wipes.
  • Binkies.  Some kids don't take them, Bink always like(s) them for sleeping.  Don't lose the last one!
  • I didn't really MEAN it...
  • Bottles - even if you nurse, you should probably have these in case.  Dr. Brown's or the drop-in kind.  Note that you will use the Dr. Brown's for your first child and then realize that the drop-ins are 48390 times easier.  No joke, four girls said this to me.
I am probably missing a ton, but those are the basics that I couldn't live without. 


Happy VD!!

Good morning!  I hope you are enjoying your made-up holiday as much as I am.  For some reason, I'm crazy in love with Valentine's Day this year (please tell me you are singing the Beyonce song, but don't tell me you know the words, because I don't, even though I totally OWN this CD).  I bought cards for Husband that were NOT on sale.  I got him a nice gift, which is unheard of (just kidding!  I am generous and thoughtful and loving!), something for Bink, and candy.  Oh, the candy...

There is a very wonderful and delicious chocolate place in Boston that is ridiculously expensive so I never go.  But I splurged this year and bought Husband a box - HEAVEN.   I cannot wait to open it and eat the whole thing.  And he got me a giant box of Godiva, which I have never had, but definitely super delicious and worth the money.  Candy is an INVESTMENT, people!

I would also like to tell you all that we are observing the real Valentine's Day on Saturday, with a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant for which I have a gift card at 5:00 PM.  Early bird special, yo!  What whaaaat??

Tonight Husband plays lacrosse, so Bink and I will be sharing a truly romantic dinner of McDonald's.  For which I have a gift card.  It's called an Arch Card, in case you didn't know.  It is going to be amazing.


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It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

Yo, yo, yo, what's up, what's up? 

Yes, this is a reference to Bring it On.  The part when they hold tryouts and there is a "gangsta" girl who raps.  OMG, stop being friends with me immediately.

Anyway, you are probably like "wait, there cannot be MORE random tertiaries floating around, K!" but trust me, kiddies, there are.  Oh, there are...

Without further ado, I present to you... Albert Clifford Slater's younger sister, JB.

JB!  I am laughing even as I type this because this name may be wrong, and all I can really remember of the episode was that she went on a date with Zack, and they went to "neck" (insert classic OOOOOOOOHHHH! here) and Zack couldn't get past the fact that he was going to make it with Slater's sister, and then he looked at her, and it was really AC in a dress!  Oh, the hilarity...

Okay, so what do the webs say, and who is this "JB Slater" if that is really her name?  (ten bucks that it is not).  So here's the episode:

Slater's Sister (1992) Slater gets upset when his younger sister J.B. starts dating Zack before a 1950s Sock Hop at the Max. So, Slater tries to break them up setting up a double date between Zack and J.B., and him and Tori at the movies to prevent anything from happening. Meanwhile, Mr. Belding tries to make the boys get in touch with their male sensitivity by having them attend a "sensitivity class".

OMG is this the one where they become the random 50s band?!  And sing to the waitress, "We'll have a burger and a side of fries!  Something, something, extra-large in size!"??!?!  I am dying.  I sort of remember the sensitivity class, where Ox bangs on a drum or something stupid like that, but really, Slater in a wig is what will haunt me until my dying day.  But who is JB?  The REAL JB?   And what did that stand for?  I have no idea...

From Wiki: J.B. Slater
J.B. was Slater's kid sister. She shows up suddenly to visit A.C. and Zack develops a crush on her. This makes A.C. angry as he knows how big a womanizer Zack is, and forbids them from seeing each other. Once J.B. learns of this, she confronts Slater angrily and tells him to butt out of her love life. He eventually accepts that she'll be dating his best friend and thus wouldn't be so bad. He still warns Zack to "treat her right". She is never seen or heard from again.

Oooh, how drama.  Never heard from again.  But who PLAYED her?!

Oh, I see.  Her name is Rana Haugen, and she was in like 5 things.  Snooze.  Her IMDB trivia says "Mother of Arden Storm Core."  What is THAT?!  Whatevs.  Here is a picture of the lovely JB.  This is NOT what I remember her looking like, btw...

Right? Don't you picture her... um... prettier? Or do you not picture her at all?


Burger King

Okay, I love fast food.  LOVE it.  If that were the only thing that was food, I would be so happy.  However, I get that there is nothing worse and therefore try to limit myself.  Which means I generally only go to McDonalds (unless I am SUPER hungover, in which case only a chicken sandwich with cheese from Burger King will do - and I haven't been super hungover in like a year, so whatever). 

Until today.

I was out at lunch when (got the BEST coat at Anthropologie for $40!  Score!) on the way back, I passed Burger King.  It called to me.  It was intense.  So I went in and got a cheeseburger and small fries, because really, the BK fries are the worst of the bunch.

Or so I thought.

Um, new BK fries are awesome.  I'm not sure if it's because I got a fresh batch and hot fries are always 10905% better than their cold or lukewarm counterpart, but Friday, I'm in love.  Seriously.  I probably won't get them again any time soon, as I am a McDonalds girl at heart, but it heartens me to know that these exist. 

Making Good on Resolutions

Have you?  I totally haven't.  Outside of obsessively looking at real estate, I haven't done much to further the goals I put in place for myself at the beginning of the year.  I know it's only a month or so in, but it's probably time to revisit all of that, right?  I have book ideas, but it's so tough to actually get started, and so much easier to, well, skip it, that I just don't end up doing it.  We should have a Hands-Across-America sort of thing where we help one another out, because I have no motivation.  Like Weight Watchers!  Is that the same sort of thing?  You know what I'm talking about...
What?! I AM so excited, and so... so... scared!


It's like you guys want me to feel better!

Thank you, thank you, you creeps, for today's searches:
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Still sick, but at least I know you're weirder than me.  Oh, wait, I actually wrote about most of those things.  HMPH! 


It is true.  When you have a kid, sickness invades your home and your soul.  Bink was teething, ergo I did not sleep.  Now I have ebola.  Come ON!

Okay, I really have not much else to say.  Time to go vomit up my hopes and dreams...



Yes, I am a New England fan because I like New England - I once tried to learn about football, but now I forget most of it, but obviously I love Superbowl Sunday because you get free reign to eat and drink anything you want.  I am going to a party before the game and then taking Bink home to have REAL fun (read: watch more Happy Endings), well, after Kelly Clarkson sings the anthem (the only songs I know that she sings are "Since You've Been Gone" and "A Moment Like This" but I can still love her, right?!  And I TOTALLY saw From Justin to Kelly - not really on purpose, but it was on, and I didn't shut it off, so I can't say that I haven't seen it.  It sucks, obviously).  So what are we making for the game?  I'm trying to think of amazing appetizer ideas that require little assembly on-site, to make it easier on my host/fantasy husband.  Whatever, I think he is Husband's Fantasy Husband, too, so who cares?

Okay, thoughts?  Maybe I'll just ask my Twitter Buddy John Stamos.  Yeah, we're best friends.  Just kidding, we're NOT.  I think he only Twitters famous people, but the joke's on him, because I have ten (10) followers on my blog.  Sucka.

Search Term Thursday!

We're really making moves here, kids...
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