Burger King

Okay, I love fast food.  LOVE it.  If that were the only thing that was food, I would be so happy.  However, I get that there is nothing worse and therefore try to limit myself.  Which means I generally only go to McDonalds (unless I am SUPER hungover, in which case only a chicken sandwich with cheese from Burger King will do - and I haven't been super hungover in like a year, so whatever). 

Until today.

I was out at lunch when (got the BEST coat at Anthropologie for $40!  Score!) on the way back, I passed Burger King.  It called to me.  It was intense.  So I went in and got a cheeseburger and small fries, because really, the BK fries are the worst of the bunch.

Or so I thought.

Um, new BK fries are awesome.  I'm not sure if it's because I got a fresh batch and hot fries are always 10905% better than their cold or lukewarm counterpart, but Friday, I'm in love.  Seriously.  I probably won't get them again any time soon, as I am a McDonalds girl at heart, but it heartens me to know that these exist. 


  1. You got a coat at Anthropologie for $40???!??? I am clearly missing a giant sale.

    I almost never go to BK, mostly because I hate their fries. Gross. If they've improved, I'm happy for them, and they seriously need to get to advertising.

  2. YES!!! It was totally random, there were a bunch of coats in the back of the store, actually most of them were under $50... I feel like I look exactly like Ali McGraw in it, if Ali McGraw looked exactly like me.

    Right!? Sick. BK is the worst.

  3. K, you're not really allowed to go on Anthropologie excursions at lunch without me. If I hear about that again, we're no longer friends.