Change of season, change of clothes

Is anyone else SICK of winter clothes?  Ech.  I want to take my black pants, that I have worn like nine times in a row sans washing, and throw them out the window.  They wouldn't go that far BUT it would be liberating.  I have picked out my whole new spring wardrobe, and Bink's whole new spring wardrobe, but won't buy it because I get severe anxiety paying full price for ANYTHING except potato chips and wine.

Also, I feel like this weather makes you pasty. Like, I'm super white and at the same time, super pink.  So today I Paris Hiltoned myself with bronzer (do kids still talk about Paris Hilton?  I cannot in good faith use a Jersey Shore reference here because I've never seen it.) and looked like Blanche Devereaux. 

You know how everyone in 1988 had flowy outfits and orange stripes on their cheeks? That's me today.
Aside: has anyone ever seen that random Lifetime movie where Blanche either gets married when she's really old or randomly has a baby even though she's really old?  I can't really remember what the premise was, it was one of those two scenarios.

Also, I have all of these pink lip glosses that I put on and they make me look whorey or like I don't know how to put on makeup.  Is it time to buy more lipsticks?  Probably.  For the record, Juicy Tubes, I hate you now because you make me look like I think I am young and cute.  I'm going to buy lipstick. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be blizzardly.  VOM.  I want shorts NOW. 

Tonight Bink and I are making chili cheese fries.  I will let you know how it goes. 


  1. I've seen every single Lifetime movie ever made and are you talking about those "Mother of the Bride" / "Baby of the Bride" movies?! Where she is pregnant at the same time as her daughter is pregnant?! And they go on the Maury show?! (Just kidding about Maury).

    And yes, I'm ready for SPRING! LillyBuggy is running around like a little monkey and wants to PLAY OUTSIDE!!! But I don't let her yet because it is COLD.

  2. YEEEEEEEEESS!! That is exactly what I am talking about! You are my spirit animal. OMG, I am cracking up.

    Seriously, it's a nightmare. I think Bink pulled every item out of every drawer in the entire house last night. She is restless. These girls need to play outside ASAP.