What Babies Need

So there are a lot of babies being borned in my neck of the woods (well, like a couple of my friends, and since I only have like three friends, that is a lot, right?) and I have been busily buying baby shower gifts and remembering back to all of the crap I got for Bink that I TOTALLY NEEDED but are still sitting unopened in her closet.  Let's get organized here, kids, you don't need THAT much.  Here's what I think you need - like outside of baby furniture and a carseat.  What did I miss?
  • Jams WITH feet.  Seriously, they make the cutest little baby jams that don't have feet, which I am convinced is a conspiracy to get you to double your purchases for your baby's wardrobe because you always need footie jams.  Socks do not stay on tiny baby feet so there is no point in wasting your time.
    She must be a hipster because she is TOTALLY over it.  But in footies, so we're good.
  • Hats.  Because their little heads are mushballs, it's nice to have a hat for tons of protection.  And you need a bunch of hats for every type of weather, so you may as well buy tons in many different sizes and fabrics and styles because I don't know about you, but I like my baby to have a bit of flair.
    Sleeping didn't happen much when she was teense... this was a rare moment.
Summer, winter, always a hat.

  • SwaddleMes.  Listen, I could not swaddle Bink no matter how hard I tried.  Inevitably, she snuck out of it in under two seconds and ruined my life.  Pony up the money and buy a ton of these because babies are always cold and it's too hard to do it yourself.

Lady, this swaddle is a JOKE.

  • Changing pad covers (multiple) because they pee and poop and sick up all over them and it's nice to just be able to replace the pad easily instead of having to wait and wash it, you know?  Also, they're like eight dollars.  Worth it.
  • Baby bag with portable changing pad.  Obvi.  Those things in the public restrooms are germ city.
  • Hand sanitizer. 
  • Aquaphor.  Babies are usually super dry and this keeps them nice and soft.
    See, no Aquaphor.  That's why she's pissed.
  • A toy that you can sit them in.  That way you can put them down for two seconds and blow your nose and they will stay safe.  Don't leave them alone, der, but if you're there, it's nice.  And they think it's fun.
  • She still loves this thing.  She's too big for it - so now she just knocks it down, but it still entertains her.
  • Humidifier.  The noise helps them sleep and keeps the air from getting too dry.
  • Swing.  Maybe some kids don't like them, but Bink slept in hers so often.  It was a life-saver.
  • This was Kate and William's wedding day.  Partied out.  Again.  We both wore white and veils.  WHAT.
  • Diapers and wipes.
  • Binkies.  Some kids don't take them, Bink always like(s) them for sleeping.  Don't lose the last one!
  • I didn't really MEAN it...
  • Bottles - even if you nurse, you should probably have these in case.  Dr. Brown's or the drop-in kind.  Note that you will use the Dr. Brown's for your first child and then realize that the drop-ins are 48390 times easier.  No joke, four girls said this to me.
I am probably missing a ton, but those are the basics that I couldn't live without. 


  1. I would like to add the Bundle Me, which is in photo #1. FAR superior to blankets.

  2. Haha I so needed this list a few months ago, but can still use for my little guy now.

  3. I need to add one. MUST. It's the rock n' play sleeper. My younger guy slept in this better than any fancy-shmance sidecar co-sleeper, Moses basket, or crib. He's 8 months now and we just stopped putting him in it for naps last week.


  4. Agreed JGaLH, I recommend the rock n'play immensely, our son - 7 weeks old - LOVES it. We will be using it for many more months.

  5. I can't believe you think babies need diapers and wipes! That's just crazy talk lady! ;o)

    But OMG about the Rock n' Play sleeper. THAT was a life-saver for us. That was the only way to get LillyBuggy to sleep at all. GOLD.