Happy VD!!

Good morning!  I hope you are enjoying your made-up holiday as much as I am.  For some reason, I'm crazy in love with Valentine's Day this year (please tell me you are singing the Beyonce song, but don't tell me you know the words, because I don't, even though I totally OWN this CD).  I bought cards for Husband that were NOT on sale.  I got him a nice gift, which is unheard of (just kidding!  I am generous and thoughtful and loving!), something for Bink, and candy.  Oh, the candy...

There is a very wonderful and delicious chocolate place in Boston that is ridiculously expensive so I never go.  But I splurged this year and bought Husband a box - HEAVEN.   I cannot wait to open it and eat the whole thing.  And he got me a giant box of Godiva, which I have never had, but definitely super delicious and worth the money.  Candy is an INVESTMENT, people!

I would also like to tell you all that we are observing the real Valentine's Day on Saturday, with a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant for which I have a gift card at 5:00 PM.  Early bird special, yo!  What whaaaat??

Tonight Husband plays lacrosse, so Bink and I will be sharing a truly romantic dinner of McDonald's.  For which I have a gift card.  It's called an Arch Card, in case you didn't know.  It is going to be amazing.

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