Twitter and John Stamos

I have a story for you.  I want TB to tell it first, so she can fill your head with lies about how what we did was not a big deal, but it totally WAS!  When she posts, then I will post.

Note: Twitter is hilarious.  Everyone do it and we can talk about dumb stuff ALL day.

Okay, so TB posted about how to be cool on Twitter, and here is how to NOT be cool on Twitter.  I am totally that aunt of yours who makes inappropriate comments to your drunk Facebook pictures like "You're so pretty!" or "You look tired!" and nobody else comments because they feel uncomfortable.  That is how not to be cool on Twitter.

Also, for some reason I feel like people can see me when I am doing this (like that email episode of Sex and the City where Carrie wants Aidan back and emails him), which is obviously not true.  Example, TB Twittered something about John Stamos.  As an Uncle Jesse Enthusiast (it's my part-time job), I had much to say, of course, regarding my boardgame, t-shirt and the like.  TB hilariously included John Stamos in her response posts, and I was immediately terrified that John Stamos could see me and was going to yell at me.  Does this make sense?  No.  That is how to not be cool on Twitter.

And finally, I call it Twittering.  Because a bird CAN twitter as well as tweet.  That is also how not to be cool on Twitter.

That said, even virtual proximity to Uncle Jesse, Zack Morris, and Jerry Thornton is pretty awesome. 


  1. I didn't tell the whole story, but I mentioned it. :)

  2. I am going to get John Stamos to tweet to me yet. It will happen!!! :)

    I like you on Twitter so far. At least you're nice! :)