It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

Yo, yo, yo, what's up, what's up? 

Yes, this is a reference to Bring it On.  The part when they hold tryouts and there is a "gangsta" girl who raps.  OMG, stop being friends with me immediately.

Anyway, you are probably like "wait, there cannot be MORE random tertiaries floating around, K!" but trust me, kiddies, there are.  Oh, there are...

Without further ado, I present to you... Albert Clifford Slater's younger sister, JB.

JB!  I am laughing even as I type this because this name may be wrong, and all I can really remember of the episode was that she went on a date with Zack, and they went to "neck" (insert classic OOOOOOOOHHHH! here) and Zack couldn't get past the fact that he was going to make it with Slater's sister, and then he looked at her, and it was really AC in a dress!  Oh, the hilarity...

Okay, so what do the webs say, and who is this "JB Slater" if that is really her name?  (ten bucks that it is not).  So here's the episode:

Slater's Sister (1992) Slater gets upset when his younger sister J.B. starts dating Zack before a 1950s Sock Hop at the Max. So, Slater tries to break them up setting up a double date between Zack and J.B., and him and Tori at the movies to prevent anything from happening. Meanwhile, Mr. Belding tries to make the boys get in touch with their male sensitivity by having them attend a "sensitivity class".

OMG is this the one where they become the random 50s band?!  And sing to the waitress, "We'll have a burger and a side of fries!  Something, something, extra-large in size!"??!?!  I am dying.  I sort of remember the sensitivity class, where Ox bangs on a drum or something stupid like that, but really, Slater in a wig is what will haunt me until my dying day.  But who is JB?  The REAL JB?   And what did that stand for?  I have no idea...

From Wiki: J.B. Slater
J.B. was Slater's kid sister. She shows up suddenly to visit A.C. and Zack develops a crush on her. This makes A.C. angry as he knows how big a womanizer Zack is, and forbids them from seeing each other. Once J.B. learns of this, she confronts Slater angrily and tells him to butt out of her love life. He eventually accepts that she'll be dating his best friend and thus wouldn't be so bad. He still warns Zack to "treat her right". She is never seen or heard from again.

Oooh, how drama.  Never heard from again.  But who PLAYED her?!

Oh, I see.  Her name is Rana Haugen, and she was in like 5 things.  Snooze.  Her IMDB trivia says "Mother of Arden Storm Core."  What is THAT?!  Whatevs.  Here is a picture of the lovely JB.  This is NOT what I remember her looking like, btw...

Right? Don't you picture her... um... prettier? Or do you not picture her at all?


  1. OK. Not only do I remember her, but I totally remember that song they were singing! It was "Come and Go with Me" by the Beach Boys!

    Sing it with me:

    "Dom, dom, dom, dom, dom, dom-bi-dooby...
    Dom, dom, dom, dom, dom, dom-bi-dooby...
    Dom, dom, dom, dom, dom, dom-bi-dooby...
    Dom, dom, dom, dom, dom, dom-bi-dooby...
    Dom, wah wah wah wah!!!"

    OMG. Now YOU will stop being friends with ME immediately!

  2. OMG!!! YOU ARE RIGHT! We are obviously best friends for life. I am cracking UP. Hooray!!

    Remember when Screech did that high-pitched "ohhhhh!"

    OMG, this is the best.

  3. HOW DID YOU REMEMBER THAT HER NAME WAS JB??? You're right, you are incredibly talented at remembering random facts from your childhood!