I tried to make three dinners last night.  All sucked.  But I am trying to remain positive BECAUSE tonight may be a Papa Gino's night.  I think I talk about Papa Gino's more than, like, anything else.  But it really is that good. 

Ech I need dinner ideas.  I look at all of the cute websites that moms who are better than me run with all of their cute recipes and adorable napkins and I still don't wanna. 


  1. Lol. I'm always watching the Cooking channel and the Food Network and I'm sooooo jealous at all the yummy meals those ladies make all the time. My fave is Giada because she is a mom and she is hot and she has big b**bs and she makes the most drool-worthy meals of all time. And as a result, I feel like a loser in comparison.

    We all had Campbells soup out of a can for dinner last night.

  2. Exactly! And she loves lemon and parsley and then I'm like "I must make everything lemon and parsley!" and then I remember I'm out of lemons and I hate parsley and then I eat something canned. I ended up making mac and cheese. Really, I just sort of want to go to a bakery (like a good one) and buy 5 cakes and half moons and other frosted items and just eat those. That's not wrong, it's inventive.