Yes, I am a New England fan because I like New England - I once tried to learn about football, but now I forget most of it, but obviously I love Superbowl Sunday because you get free reign to eat and drink anything you want.  I am going to a party before the game and then taking Bink home to have REAL fun (read: watch more Happy Endings), well, after Kelly Clarkson sings the anthem (the only songs I know that she sings are "Since You've Been Gone" and "A Moment Like This" but I can still love her, right?!  And I TOTALLY saw From Justin to Kelly - not really on purpose, but it was on, and I didn't shut it off, so I can't say that I haven't seen it.  It sucks, obviously).  So what are we making for the game?  I'm trying to think of amazing appetizer ideas that require little assembly on-site, to make it easier on my host/fantasy husband.  Whatever, I think he is Husband's Fantasy Husband, too, so who cares?

Okay, thoughts?  Maybe I'll just ask my Twitter Buddy John Stamos.  Yeah, we're best friends.  Just kidding, we're NOT.  I think he only Twitters famous people, but the joke's on him, because I have ten (10) followers on my blog.  Sucka.


  1. You could try twittering Andrew Zimmern, of Bizarre Foods fame. He's following me, so he'd probably totally follow you too. I mean, he may suggest fried crickets or dried dung beatles with cheese, but at least you could brag that your close personal friend Andrew Zimmern suggested the dish, so people would look like idiots if they complained.

  2. You should ask your buddy Stamos why in the world he would do that terribly BAD Lifetime movie?! I'm so disappointed in him! :o(