Skirting the Issue

Oh, isn't that punny and cute!?  I'm like Carrie Bradshaw!

Seriously - a phenomenon has taken place.  Today is warmish, and I wore a skirt.  I own one winter-appropriate skirt, no bigs, right?  Wrong.  It is like the biggest news ever - everyone is commenting on it.  Do you wear skirts in winter?  I can't get my head around this, but maybe it's a common thing?  At any rate, it IS a cute skirt and maybe dressing like a girl at work isn't a bad thing.

Also, this stretch of warmish weather is making me obsessed with Bink's summer wardrobe.  I am on Pinterest and shopstyle.com like whoa.  And yes, I just said "like whoa". 

Search terms this week are also very hilarious.  I am so excited for search term Thursday AND for Saved by the Bell Thursday.  Doozies, my friends... doozies...

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  1. I don't have any winter skirts, mainly because I don't like being cold. I'll wear them at Christmas and New Year's, but that's IT. It's kind of weird, because I pretty much ONLY wear skirts and dresses in the Spring and Summer.

    You missed something awesome yesterday on Twitter: Chase Hampton linked to a video of The Party singing Peace Love and Understanding from 1992.