Two quick things

Work has been INSANE so I've been away all week - been doing some really cool stuff with a website that will be coming to you soon - eek!  I'm terrified because the guys who created the site are legit smart, cool, funny people and I have food stains on my shirt right now that I told someone were courtesy of Bink (of course it was me, she didn't do it) BUT I wanted to:
1. Reiterate eBates.  DO IT.  I just got a check for $70 for nothing.  See that little link up there?  If you shop online at all, sign up.  Promise.
2. So I immediately tried to find a way to spend it, and ended up at my favorite store for stationery, accessories, all the little cool stuff that's nice to look at and functional, Purseladytoo.  You guys know I am secretly Buffy von Worthington and love Lilly Pulitzer and the more obnoxiously preppy, the happier I am (not popped collars, of course) and the woman who runs this shop is SO NICE.  She is so helpful and thoughtful and always cool little sales with free shipping over $30. 
3. Also, Husband got me beef jerky and a Domino's gift card.  I can't remember if I told you that or not already, but it's so nice I've got to say it twice.

Kisses and squeezes and have a great weekend!

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