Leap Eve

If anyone watches 30 Rock, and takes it as seriously as real life, you will know that Leap Day is a holiday in which you can do anything you want and it doesn't count, including taking the virginity of that guy from Eastbound and Down.  Hubba, hubba.

Anyway, I am thinking about what my perfect day would be, if I could do anything sans consequences, and I've come up with two scenarios, one with Binks and one without...

My perfect day with Binks:
We sleep in.  When she does get up, she sits with me in bed and we watch a few episodes Saved by the Bell.  Then we have English muffins and fruit squeezies, and she eats everything without complaint.  Then we go to the playground.  Then we go to Friendly's and have grilled cheese and loaded waffle fries with cheese goo and bacon.  Then we go shopping and buy matching outfits.  Then we put on matching outfits and go to a barbecue with a bunch of little kids and all of my friends. 

Sensible yet faaaaaaabulous!
My perfect day alone:
Bed.  Champagne.  Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Probably loaded waffle fries from Friendly's.

It doesn't take much, kids.


  1. So, no consequences and you wouldn't even *attempt* to make love to Christopher Plummer? I'm beginning to doubt your love for him.

  2. HA! Fine, if Captain Von Trapp is willing, I would let him come watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and drink champagne with me. And I'll take his flower.