1. Search term Tuesday: fatass diet coke
2. Today is frigid but tomorrow should be 60 degrees.  Therefore I am making taco salad and grapefruit margaritas for dinner.  I make the best grapefruit margaritas of all time.  The trick is to juice fresh grapefruit.  I am already thirsty.
3. "Danny's Song" just came on my Spotify.  Seriously, you all need to get this.  Guys, it's Napster for the 2010s!  Is that a term?  Probably not. 
4. That is all for now.


  1. Grapefruit margaritas! Why didn't I think of that?? I love grapefruit, and it goes so well with salt. Do you have a recipe, or do you wing it? I need to make these.

  2. Right?! I had a ton of grapefruit a while back and did not want to just eat them plain - ha! I use tequila, cointreau and a just-juiced grapefruit... HEAVEN. This is why we need to be neighbors like on Happy Endings and just show up at one another's houses with stuff like this :)

  3. How many grapefruits do you have to use? A lot? Those things can be expensive!

    I do SO wish I lived next door to you. Stupid internet--introducing me to awesome people who I will never live near.

  4. OK. I'm checking out this Spotify you speak of... Interesting, and it's FREE?! What's the catch? (There's always a catch!)

  5. T, it depends - I got like 2 out of each fruit - it's definitely one of those "not all the time" things, because it could get expensive. I tend to buy those big bags at the grocery store and then get totally sick of them halfway through so this is a good way to get ALL your vitamins. Tequila HAS vitamins. It is so unfair that we are not neighbors. Seriously.

    Minxy you have to do it - you will love it and there is no catch. There are ads, like in Pandora, so you won't get arrested.