Making Good on Resolutions

Have you?  I totally haven't.  Outside of obsessively looking at real estate, I haven't done much to further the goals I put in place for myself at the beginning of the year.  I know it's only a month or so in, but it's probably time to revisit all of that, right?  I have book ideas, but it's so tough to actually get started, and so much easier to, well, skip it, that I just don't end up doing it.  We should have a Hands-Across-America sort of thing where we help one another out, because I have no motivation.  Like Weight Watchers!  Is that the same sort of thing?  You know what I'm talking about...
What?! I AM so excited, and so... so... scared!

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  1. I found that it was much easier to start things after The Kid got a little older. 3 1/2 was really the turning point for me, where all my energy wasn't being expended to keep him alive because he could do some of it himself. I started sleeping more, he started playing alone, and I all of a sudden had free time that I'd never had before.

    Don't beat yourself up about not getting projects done. You have a full-time job and a baby who's not even two yet! Putting pressure on yourself to do more will just make you feel like a failure when you're pretty much just rockin' life right now.

    Trust me, it will get easier in a couple of years. Try not to beat yourself up over all this stuff. :)