Obviously I am a copier...

Now that TB is back, I felt inspired to get back, too.  Isn't it funny how you can kind of forget about something for, like, ever, and then no big deal, just go back and nothing has changed?

Nothing has really changed.  Oh, except I'm watching Felicity now on Netflix, and it is both better and worse than what I remembered.  Like, sometimes I think she is so annoying, and everyone is stupid, and I know I didn't think that when watching it in the 90s, but like, seriously, Julie?  She is the WORST.  And Ben is SO hot.  I remember always being a Noel fan, but that was stupid. Ben is where it's at.  I'm in their junior year, and don't remember how it ends at all, but I assume it will be unsatisfying.  Nothing tops the finale of Dawson's Creek, everything else PALES in comparison.

Also, did they ever say what was in Meghan's box?  I don't think they did.

ALSO, there is a LOT of Felicity fanfiction out there.  Terrifying.  But completely hilarious.

Maybe my New Year's Resolution could be to get a life?  Hmm...