It's Search Term Thursday!

First, let's face it - people are weirdos.  Second, the lovely TB of Year 31 has come up with an awesome idea to share in the anonymous weirdness that brings people to her blog.  So obviously we all have to copy it, right?  Because it is awesome.  Without further ado, feast your eyes on the doozies you geekburgers with cheese came up with to hit this site:
  • cute sloth
  • cary grant teeth
  • sad actor
  • zack attack
  • "jodi peterson" actress
  • cut kitten pics
  • dj tanner funny
  • growing pains ben seaver girlfriend blonde
In two words, this sucks.  Come on!  These are neither funny nor THAT random.  I long for the day that someone searched "chillie cheez frie" (it was over the holidays, of course) and found me.  For shame...

So my first STT is a bust.  Better that than an STD.


  1. Do you know the name of Ben Seaver's girlfriend, though? I'm assuming they're talking about the tiny girl with the giant hair and big boobs.

  2. Laura Lynn. Also known as Penny Belding. OMG I need a life!!!

  3. Yah, people ARE weird. But it's fun at the same time, to see just HOW weird they can be when Googling... Scary sometimes.