Weird Things Happen to Me

Okay, I feel like the past few months, a ton of random things have happened to me that are making me feel strange and out of control.  Ha, control issues much?  Terrible.  Anyway, so this is the latest: on Friday, I knocked a wine glass off the counter and shattered it into a billion pieces (so bummed, it was a beautiful Simon Pearce glass of course).  La, la, la, pick up the glass, whatever, everything is fine.

Until yesterday.  Now, on Friday I removed some teeny shards from my foot and it was fine.  Well, last night my foot started THROBBING in the same place that I removed the glass from, and I saw there was more.  So I tried to get it out, but it is wedged in there so tightly I can't do a thing to remove it.  I was up all night with a throbbing pain in my foot - it seems like there was a piece stuck there that broke into a bunch of tinier pieces and I'm not going to be able to get them out via tweezer. 
I am KEEPING it this big because that is the size of my babyishness.
Ew.  So I am limping around and in a ton of pain and I'm trying to find that gross drawing salve they sell to get the glass out, but the CVS I just hobbled over to is out of it (is this an epidemic?!).  Luckily CVS is as plentiful as Dunkin Donuts, so I should be find, it's just a total pain.

I know I am being a total baby about this, of course.  But teeny glass is painful!


  1. It must be in the water (or the wine) because my fiance dropped my favorite wine glass that I bought at Disney that had my name etched in it 2 weeks ago. I can't say that it was my favorite really, because it was my only wine glass. Now I am confined to drinking wine out of my vintage dinosaur Smuckers jam glasses. I found you on the Mom Blogs and think you should check me out! I used to live in Mass but now live in Vermont!

  2. Favorite/only - same thing! I love that you own and use these, as I definitely had these when I was a kid and my mom totally threw them out! But they probably make the wine taste better, right? I am all in!