It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

On Thursday!  Awww yeah!!

Because this week has been so busy, I'd like to spend a little time focusing on the more awesome aspects of the most awesome show ever made.  So yes, friends, today's cameo cutie is....


Please tell me you know who this is.  If you don't, I actually won't be TOO mad because I am surprised I remembered him myself.  This one is TOTALLY random. 
Hubba hubba.
Okay, do you remember the Zack Attack/Friends Forever episode?  Brian Fate is the jogger/record producer who HAPPENS to be zipping by in his gorgeous shiny tracksuit and hears the band rocking their major hit "Friends Forever" (I think - OMG, I can't actually remember!) and catapults them to fame and fortune.  The episode takes on the familiar "Behind the Music" format, where they rise to amazing heights, only to crash and burn and become nuns on the hit soap, Santa Barbara (that was Kelly).   Slater becomes a racecar driver (whose non-life-threatening injuries ultimately bring the band back together), Screech becomes some sort of maharishi with a cheerleader girlfriend, I forget what Lisa does, and they all convene at the hospital and become a band again.  Blah, blah, it's boring.  Anyway...

THIS exists, so yay.
I will never stop laughing.

But who IS Brian Fate? Like, in real life?  Is he at the Max?  Is he out promoting his new breakout star, Britney Spears?  Swoon.  The answer is: he is even MORE random!

Nick Brooks is the actor that played Brian Fate.  And he was in the most RANDOM things of all time.  Take a peek:

Every Dog's Day
Agent 1
2004 16w (short)
2002 Shirts & Skins (short)
1998 Saving Private Ryan
Paratrooper Joe
1996 In Love and War
Louis Burton
1991 Saved by the Bell (TV series)
Brian Fate
Rockumentary (1991) … Brian Fate
1991 Quantum Leap (TV series)
Shock Theater - October 3, 1954 (1991) … Orderly
1991 thirtysomething (TV series) ...
Prop Guy
Out the Door (1991) … Prop Guy
2011 The Austin Pendleton Project (documentary) (filming)
He is CURRENTLY playing himself in something!?  I don't get this at all.  Oh, and this is NOT the Nick Brooks who is accused of trying to kill people and has a famous pedophile father (DON'T Google it!), it's a different guy.  But I do know this.  This is a really weird picture of Lisa Turtle:
Contouring is my life, dahhhling.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Did you actually remember this guy's name? Because if you did, I'm REALLY impressed.

    One thing that annoyed me about Zack Attack is that I SWEAR there was an episode once where Kelly was a horrible singer, but then all of a sudden she was a rock star. What was that all about? Can you help me to remember the specifics?

  2. I did and I am sort of embarrassed, but kind of proud of myself. What?!

    YES, you are correct. When they had the Miss Bayside pageant, Kelly sang "Blue Moon" and she was terrible. Also, I did not look that up, just knew it, and again, sort of embarrassed but kind of proud.