Long Weekend Ho!

Ha, don't say "ho".

Okay, what has been going on?  Saturday I spent recouperating from my oozy toe and Sunday and Monday had some mild SARS, so it was lowkey for me.  But nice.  Bink is talking up a STORM and it is hilarious - I think I told you that she calls everything "gooo-jis" and she makes all of the animal sounds, but my favorite is how when I say "I love you!!" Bink says "I knooooooow."
I finally know what Zack went through when he hurt his knee...
We are going through our teenage angsty years very, VERY early.

Tonight I am excited to go home and heat up the kick-a$$ macaroni and cheese I made and drink lots of nice red wine.  I hear it is the antidote to SARS, so really, it's the only smart option. 

I love wine.  Yum, yum, yum.

Aside: Husband will always have the upper hand with us (ha, not really, but a little) because when I was crazy pregnant with Bink, I tried to have a sip of wine because I was so desperately ill and feeling so sorry for myself that my mom said "Who's the booze girl!?" and I raised my hand and said "Me!" (and then threw it up - the wine, obvi) and I think my mom applauded, and Husband was so embarrassed for me because I legit thought it was the coolest ever.  Whatevs.  It was.

Further aside: DO NOT GOOGLE BOOZE GIRL.  Not pretty.

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