Climb Every Mountain... Swim Every Sea...

To distract myself from my throbbing toe, I will tell you about what I did this weekend. 

I climbed a mountain.

For realsies.

Also, ten points to anyone who knows the song I am singing in the title. 

Fine.  It was an un-snowed-on bunny slope at a... well, what do you call something that you can hike, but it's not a mountain, it's a big hill (or a little mountain)?  That's where we were.  It was gorgeous and like 50 degrees on Saturday so we took Bink out for some fresh air and exercise (well, she was in her stroller, but you know what I mean).  The actual trails you can hike were way too rocky for the jog stroller so I said "Oh, well, guess we can't hike" and Husband of course turned into mountainman/Tony Robbins and was like "Never say can't!  We must find a way!!"  So we did.  Sort of.

This looks like an excellent, slick patch of grass to hike up.  Extra safe!

Dad, we can go home and watch Peppa Pig, it's totally fine.

Gimme that camera.  I wanna look at myself. 

View from the top

I mean it.  The hotness.  Right here.  I wanna see it.
It was actually fun, but SUPER steep and slippery and I almost died nine times.  Or none, but I almost fell down, which is just as bad!!

Also, do your kids do this?  Bink cannot keep her hands off the camera.  She's always trying to grab it when I take her picture.  Look, I am NOT joking.  These are all different times/days:
Yes, that is a purse she is wearing around her neck.  It is her best friend in the world.  She's so vain.  She probably thinks this blog is about her.

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  1. It occurs to me that I have no idea what you look like. Seriously, I don't think I could pick you out of a lineup. And I'm facebook friends with you. Do you even HAVE any photos of yourself?

    Cute baby, though!