Full-on Momming

I feel that I have joined the ranks.  Officially.

Okay, yes, Bink is a good girl and though we have had our experience with illness (thank God nothing serious: pinkeye, ear infections, a kidney infection, mostly run-of-the-mill stuff that kids go through and she's totally healthy and fine) but randomly, she hadn't had a cold until a couple of weeks ago, and she's never had any puke issues.  She's a pooper.  What?!

Well.  Well.

So yesterday, Husband was at the Big Football Game (he is SO lucky!) and Bink and I were relaxing at home, not going out in the snow because I felt a day cuddling on the couch (or rather, my chasing her around the room trying to get her to cuddle with me while she gives me death stares and crawls away from me as FAST as she can) was important.  We had some pizza for lunch, and she LOVED it.  We all know Bink has a bit of Olsen-twin in her (LUCKY!) so this was very exciting for me.  A couple of hours later, I was having a snack, so I thought Bink would like one, too.  I pulled out some banana cookies that I had gotten at the store on Friday and a little milk.  We put on some Happy Endings, Season 1 (WHAT!??!) and we were having a lovely time.  It really was lovely: she had consented to sit with me, my pretty Cranberry Bellini candle was burning, the show is obviously awesome.com, we were snuggling in our fleecy jams - heaven.


The throat clearing.

Well, until what I THOUGHT was throat clearing.

You can probably guess that it was not.  You can probably guess that she was gagging.

And you can probably guess what happened next. 

Yes, my little Binks projectile vomited pizza, milk and banana cookie.  All.  Over.  My.  Face.


Censored for your safety.
 I literally didn't know what to do.  Poor Binks is covered, I am covered.  And then... I have to clear my throat.

I make it to the bathroom in time, but this really doesn't help our situation.  Bink goes straight into the bath, poor bunny, and when she's clean I pop her in her crib and stand under the scalding-est-hottest water there ever was.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, sipping at water and avoiding eye contact.

I feel like that was a true Mom Moment, you know?  Like, just the most horrible, disgusting thing that could EVER happen (also I am allergic to bananas, aside) and I just took care of her even though I wanted to run away.  You know what I mean.  OMG, Moms.

We really are amazing.


  1. Welcome to the club!!! :o)

    You're lucky you don't have to deal with the throw-up issue too much. It's just the grossest! My Pea-Pie happens to be intolerant to rice cereal. But until we figured that out... she projectile-vomited all over everything multiple times. Even in her sleep! I'd go pick her up, and she'd just be SOAKED in it. Even her hair was soaked in it. So gross!

    At least when she has poop issues, it doesn't get into her HAIR!!!

  2. That is the most disgusting story EVER. OMG. I can't believe you didn't puke all over over, thus beginning the cycle again. Like in Stand By Me.

    Thank you so much for not putting up a real picture. I would have died. Literally. Like, you would have made my child motherless.

  3. M - Absolutely. Your poor little bunny! That is awful! She did get poop in her hair on Friday (how is a diaper pail appealing enough to climb into?! It was disgusting and I Purelled her because it was so gross), but that was a fluke. :)

    T - that is EXACTLY what it was like and I was thinking about that the whole time. I took no pictures, of course, but that is pretty much what it looked like.