The Train Stays, Dammit

So we have discussed the train CD before, correct?  Yes, it is pretty much the bane of my existence and I rush to shut it off as soon as Bink is on the way to her bed (Husband is the champ of sleep, she HATES the nighttime routine when I do it, even though I do it exactly the same way.  HMPH.) so I was thinking, you know, we have no less than 4860889 other lullaby CDs, maybe a new one would be a better fit.

Well, it's not.  And don't try to tell girlfriend different. 

What IS this crap?!  Give me my trains, woman!!
 She actually started YELLING when I turned the other music on.  Yelling like she was some sort of old grandmother or thug until I shut it off and put on the trains.  Then it was like the sun broke over a gray day, her eyelids fluttered, she pushed me out of the way for her dad to take her, and bliss was restored.

Well until she woke up screaming three different times at various points in the late-late night.  Sigh.  I love night terrors AND teething.

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