How Does She Do It? Poorly.

Do any other working moms out there have a once-monthly-or-so complete nervous breakdown?  Like, when everything is completely overwhelming and you are convinced you are a bad mom, wife, friend, employee, everything?  It had BETTER not just be me (shaking fist).  Anyway, today is DEFINITELY one of those days.  I am haggard. 

No, no. Not sexy, dreamy, YOUNG Haggard.
This one.
Outfit: ugly.  Hair: terrible.  Makeup: Yeah, right.  Attitude: Crappy.  Number of times I've cried today already: 7.  Number of loads of laundry to be done: 5.  Food in the fridge: none.  Bink's mood: BAD.  My fatness: off the charts. 

Should I go on?  Probably not.  Good news is, I'm at work now.  Oh, wait... things will get better, they always do.  But really?  How do we do it??

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