It's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

Good morning, friends!

So since it's Thursday, I decided to invoke the age-old tradition of picking a random character from Saved by the Bell, writing down everything I know about them, and then looking on the Internet in order to find out what really happened to them. 

I'm going to start with Melvin Nerdley. 

Here is what I remember from the Melvin Nerdley episode: He was Screech's friend from chess club, who Screech said was not as cool as he was.  Zack wanted to see other people (namely, 45-year-old Nurse Jennifer, which is a character for another day) and threw MelNerd at Kelly in order to distract her while Zackie put the preppy moves on the old lady.  At the end of the episode, it is revealed that MelNerd is the hotness and not only plays chess, but teaches the lambada on the side!  What!?  The forbidden dance?!  Say it ain't so!  Kelly does a sexy little hip swoosh and then retires to Kasa de Kapowski, and Kelly's brother Kyle drops a bucket of water on Zack's head.

Okay, that's how I remember it.

This is totally real from the Internet. Hahahaha!
 And here is what Wikipedia says:

Melvin Nerdly was the boy that Zack ordered Screech to send over to Kelly’s to keep her busy while he pursued Nurse Jennifer. Screech assured Zack that Nerdly was “kind of a geek,” which was exactly what Zack had hoped for. However, upon showing up at Kelly’s house to try to win her back, he found that Nerdly was in fact a handsome, brown-haired hunk. When a flabbergasted Zack says that he thought Melvin was on the chess team (chess players typically being thought of as nerds), Melvin replies he is indeed a chess player, as well as a member of the football and hockey teams, and even modeled a little. Nerdly had taught Kelly chess and was slated to teach Kelly lambada, but he was not mentioned after his one appearance.

That is AWESOME.

So guess what?!  Apparently Melvin Nerdley is uncredited in this episode!!  Who IS this lambada-dancing-chess-playing-ex-model?!  The world may never know...

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