It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday

Oh, hi.  You again?  Hmm...

Just kidding, it's the most wonderful time of the week.  Saved by the Bell Thursday.  Truth be told, I was totally laughing about this all morning, which was probably strange for my fellow train riders, but whateva.  I'm pumped up on a triple grande skinny caramel macchiatto (how is that spelled?  I'm not checking.) and pumpkin spice coffee from this awesome place in Portsmouth, NH called Breaking New Grounds and everything's coming up...

Okay, so here's what I remember.  Max was the teeny guy who is totally mean to Violet Bickerstaff (Donna Martin Graduates!) and in the episode where Screech's mom goes to visit Graceland and "the guys" sing Barbara Ann in those "wild!" outfits and the girls point and laugh in an odd, synchronized way and then they break the "very expensive" bust of Elvis and have to have a poker game with Max in order to get the money to replace the BUST and then Max wins so they throw a party instead and Max kisses who he thinks is Jessie but is actually Screech's dog whose name I forget, and Max says "Spahhhhhno" instead of Spano and yeah, he is teeny.  I feel like this is a complex plotline but the best parts are when the girls all lean in and laugh hysterically when "the guys" do all of their dancing and when Kelly yells "PARENTS!" when Screech's parents come home from their trip unexpectedly.  You'd think they'd get in trouble, but luckily Zack is on the case and turns it into an awesomely fun anniversary party!  Yay!

Also, I totally thought that made Kelly seem cool and badass when I first watched this in fifth grade.  WHAT.
No words.

Okay, here's what the Internets have to say:
Maxwell Nerdstrom
Nerdstrom (played by Jeffrey Asch) was a rich nerd who made a few appearances during sophomore year and once during senior year. He was Violet Bickerstaff’s boyfriend and treated her rather poorly, although he did buy her a gold-plated pocket protector. His poor treatment of her was one of the factors in her becoming Screech’s girlfriend. While most of the nerds comported themselves with a bumbling dignity at most, Nerdstrom went above and beyond, behaving a pompous, stuck-up geek. He defeated Zach in a game of poker, but perhaps his most noted accomplishment at Bayside was mistakenly kissing Screech’s Maxwell Nerdstrom, "Hound Dog", to everybody’s delight.
He is seen in a future episode buying fake gold rings from Zack Morris, which left a green mark on the wearer's finger.

"Treated her raaaaahther poorly."  What is he, the King of England?  Heaven.  And we also see here that I am totally right about everything, der, and even more exciting, he appears to be a real person with CURRENT PHOTOS AVAILABLE ONLINE BECAUSE HE HAS A CRAAAAAZY MYSPACE PAGE.  No, it has not been updated since 2007, but who cares.  You're welcome, kids...

I am trying to remmeber some Max Nerdstrom quotes, but I can't. So enjoy this picture of him on a couch, enjoying dessert instead.

I remembered one! "What a woman!" (after the dog/Jessie Spaaaaaaahno kisses him)


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