The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

So since I've been MIA-ish all week I missed out on telling you about something very important that happened.

Bink has found love.

I know, it surprised me, too, but maybe not as much as it surprised Bink.  She wasn't looking to fall in love, but it found her.  Let me explain.

Recently, we took Bink to a farm.  It's really cute, it has animals (der), you can pick stuff, you can buy stuff.  Including...


I picked one up for Bink, since she was born after Halloween last year (though she was DUE on Halloween but born afterward so she did not get to wear the awesome pumpkin hat I bought for her to wear and yes I am still bitter about it.) and has not yet experienced the wonder that is free candy and booze on all Hallow's Eve.  It was a little pumpkin, for a little Bink, so I let her hold it while we looked at the animals.

As if.

The lights dimmed (yes, I know we were outside), Lady In Red came on, and hearts started flying around Bink's face, cartoon-style.  She had found the man of her dreams, in the form of a small, orange... what is a pumpkin?  A fruit?  A vegetable?  I don't know.  Or care.  Anyway, she was obsessed.  This is a big deal, as usually we cannot get Bink away from animals because she loves them so much.  She's like Joe-Joe the idiot circus boy with his pretty new pet, and I'm saying that as a compliment.  I wish I loved goats that much.

I digress.  So here is Bink pre-pumpkin.  Cool, calm, collected.
Awesome!  Farmtastic!  I heart animals for life!

I hear there are some goats around here, Mom... 

Gimme that.  No, really.  Gimme that.

Contemplative among the goats.

I wish one would talk to me... 

If you don't love me, I don't love you, biatch.  Get over yoself.

There is a new man in my life.

Goat: "But I'm here, Bink!  Come hang with me!  I know I was shy at first, but you're a really nice girl.  Come on, whaddaya say??

You have been replaced.

I love you SOOOO much more than any goat.  Heartbreaker.  You'd never leave me.

So I dropped my boyfriend/pumpkin.  What's goin' on?  Come here often?

I'm torn between two lovers.  And it's time for my nap.  Let's bust this piece.
The saga continues...

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