BEST DAY EVER. Well, tomorrow.

You heard it here second-third-or-fourthhand, kids.

Papa Gino's is doing 50% off all online orders tomorrow.
Okay, so here's what happened.  I saw this announcement on Facebook and immediately emailed my husband:


Yes, I call it Gini's.  Because I love it that much.

No response from my husband.  What is he, working?  Fail.  Note: I am full on SHAKING with excitement.

Minutes tick by...

I email him at work, on gmail, everything, and still, no response.  Who could possibly ignore such good news? 

I get bored and being Google imagine "i love papa gino's".  This one is my favorite, because he loves Gini's AND looks like Rick Astley.

He's never gonna give you or Gini's up.

Still, nothing.  I am beginning to rethink this whole "marriage" thing.

I then Google "Husband's name is lame".  This is my favorite:
Less lame than not loving Papa Gino's. Also, this links to an odd magic and anime site. But I bet they love Gini's so who cares?
Now it is time for me to go home and raise our child.  I will never know what my husband truly thinks about this amazing news.  Until he gets home later. 

Oh, we will be having Papa Gino's tomorrow.  I love it.  At my first job, we went there so often that my friend and I were given loyalty cards wherein we got 10% every purchase.  I lost it and not a day goes by that I don't think about it.  Actually, I probably haven't thought of that in years.  Sigh... the good old days.

So yeah, Gini's is half off tomorrow.

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