Okay, so I came in this morning feeling like a total sad sack.  You know how when you get drunk, pass out, and then wake up and feel sort of sober, but still sort of drunk and you find yourself eating Cheez-Its, even though you hate Cheez-Its, but you can't help it?  That's how I felt.  I've been up for hours because Bink woke up with teething issues and went back right away, but I could not and now my life is in a shambles.  SHAMBLES.  Fine, I'm just really tired.  At least, I was.


Until my husband (who NEVER got back to me yesterday regarding the Gini's issue, though he pretended he did and that the email got lost - um, yeah, that doesn't happen in real life, only on cool sitcoms like "What I Like About You", which I never really watched but wanted to like because Jennie Garth is the balls.  How does she get her hair so perfect and shiny?  And obviously who doesn't love Amanda Bynes.  "What A Girl Wants" is heaven in a TV set.) did something that changed my life forever.  Or at least for the rest of the morning.

He gave me the ultimate pep talk.

The ultimate pep talk was actually given by my best friend during our senior year of college when we were on spring break.  What happened was that my boyfriend had called (this was before I had a cell phone, so he called on her phone) to say that he loved me.  I was embarrassed to say "I love you, too" in front of my goony friends, so I was like "Cool, well, see ya!" and then, because we were wasted, as soon as we hung up I obviously started crying and dramatically wishing I had only said "I love you" back.  Like, honestly?  Get a life!  We tried to get him on his phone, but we couldn't and so I was being the biggest baby ever and then... AND THEN... it happened.

My best friend looked me square in the face and with her infinite wisdown said:

"You have two choices." (Battle Hymn of the Republic swells in the background.) "You can either sit here and cry and waste your whole night being sad, or you can get off your butt, keep drinking and have the best night EVER!"

You have two choices, Jamie. You can either be Lucas on One Tree Hill or Charlie on Dawson's Creek. Either way, you get to marry Brooke Davis in real life. So, score.
So I did, and it was.  Drank more and had an awesome time, that is.  So this speech of course changed my life, and even though she said this ten years ago, I say it ALL the time to inspire people to keep drinking.  What?!  Usually that's what people need to be inspired to do!  But the best part is, my best friend does not remember this at ALL.  Like, it changed my whole life and she's like "I don't remember it, and it sounds dumb."  I promise you.  It ISN'T. 

So anyway, my husband gave me the two choices speech and now I'm obviously ready to take on the world.  Well, this time it was more "You can either go through your day like a gimp or get excited for Gini's."  And since I am lame, it worked.  I feel much better now.

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