Regaining Glory

Okay, remember how I said I used to be a hack?  Well, it's all coming back to haunt me, in the form of me making a mountain out of a molehill.  Here's the thing.

So back in the day, I would fool people into being friends with me by offering perks like invitations to parties and free t-shirts because I wrote for a paper that guys think are cool.  I have since become a mom and stopped writing for said paper (though I think my articles from five years ago still run) and nobody wants to be my friend.  It is something I barely accept, and am not at all okay with, but my hands are tied. 

Who remembers this show? It was AWESOME.
 This was all fine and dandy until my husband came home recently and informed me that his new coworker is a big fan of my dear friend, stud, and sports guru, Jerry Thornton.  This friend is not, however, a fan of me.  And no, I don't care that I don't write about sports, or write about anything, or have a radio show or cool blog that people actually read, I want him to like me better.

So what does one do in this situation?  I have no ideas and I don't understand Twitter and even worse, I'm really, really lazy.  How do I win this war??

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