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Well, it actually probably happened a couple of weeks ago, but finally... FINALLY... Bink sleeps.  Like, really sleeps.  And loves it.  For months, this kid refused to relax.  Scratch that, she'd be RELAXED, but Husband and I would have to be with her or else she'd scream.  I suspect this is partially a bit of her personality and a LOT of Husband and I completely not being able to let her cry and she got used to us being there as she slept.  Or did not sleep.

Now, I'm a crap sleeper, always have been.  But Bink was baaaaaad.  Always up, always yelling, hating naps, the works.  She wasn't tough about it, either.  She'd be a little miserable crank sitting up with her big miserable crank parents and it was just.  Plain.  Terrible.

This comes up when you Google "no big deal".
 But then, something happened.

Maybe it was the trains, maybe it was that she was finally aware enough to realize we drive her crazy and she vants to be alone (yes, I typed that on purpose), but girlfriend looooves her sleeping now.  Through the night?  No PROBLEM.  Naps?  Two of them, suckas.  It's probably just a normal thing that happens (a LOT earlier for most babies), but I don't care.  We're in it now, and I am LOVING it.

So much, that maybe it's time for a Bink Sib?  FINE, not just yet...

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