Single Parenthood

Husband has been away for work all week, and I think he needs to come home.  Here is why:
1. I have not watched the news since he left.
2. I have not taken out the trash since he left, and it is piling up in a jumble that is starting to closely resemble TrashHeap from Fraggle Rock.
Um, do you remember him looking like this? I do NOT.
3. Bink and I have only eaten white foods: pasta, pizza, cheese and white wine.  Fine, she has formula, same diff.
4. We've watched Hart of Dixie seven times.  Could this show be any more awesome?  I am so excited to see the love affair play out between the mean girl from White Chicks and the basketball player Brandon tutored and Donna was besties with from 90210.  Also, obviously he was Wallace's dad on Veronica Mars.  Also, Summer (whatev, she will always be Summer, you know it)'s outfits are INSANE.  I love them so much and am combing the Internets for knockoff versions.
Oh, D'Shawn Hardell, how are you still dreamy after all of those cheesy roles? Also, who isn't dying over her outfit?
So, Husband, it's time to come home.  Bink is starting to lose it...

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