Are You Ready for Some Football?!

Happy Opening Day!

Okay, fine.  I hate watching football.  I like the drinking part, and the eating dips and wings part, but the game, no thanks.  However, I have found a new love.  A love that fills my soul, makes me whole and gives me meaning in life.

No, not my kid.  Come on.

Sports talk radio.

Sigh... I listen to it every morning on my iPod and whenever I'm in the car, because it is the only channel that my gray 2000 Corolla (with RIMS.  Yes, it has RIMS) gets.  Sidenote: Bink's carseat in said Corolla is tricked OUT.  It is worth approximately 15 times more than the car itself.  Is that wrong?  Anyway, sports talk radio is the best thing in the whole world and I don't know how I've been missing out on it all of these years.  I know that it doesn't make sense.  I hate watching sports.  Give me a Full House marathon any day.  Or better yet, and I Love the 80s marathon.  Why don't they put those on anymore?  And Best Week Ever?  Who didn't love Best Week Ever?  Again, I digress.

The hotness.
 I think it's because the guys in sports talk radio have dreamboat voices but aren't actually so cute that I couldn't make out with them in a bar easily (with one GLARING exception, a dear friend who does sports talk radio that is so hot and out of my league there is no way I'd ever hope to make out with him).  Theoretically, as I am married and making out is off limits.  You know what I mean.

And they are usually funny.  Well, the ones I listen to, anyway.  I don't listen to those dumb ones who only talk about "facts" and don't throw in interesting stuff like Caddyshack.  Fine, I've never seen Caddyshack the whole way through but I know it automatically makes you a better person to like Caddyshack so I lie about it.

So there you have it.  Sports talk radio, kids.  I have never steered you anywhere before, have I?

Wait, what?

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