It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday

Come ON, you didn't think I would forget, did you?  No.  I would NEVER.  I would walk a hundred miles out of my loss-of-blood-and-pounding-headache induced stupor not to miss any chance to talk about random crap from Saved by the Bell.  It's important.  Okay... drum roll, please... today's tertiary character is...

Kelly's little sister Nickie from the Teen Line episode!!!

I'm sporting a more feminine look, why doesn't Zack love me?
Her name is Nickie, right?  Uh, oh, this could be ugly.  Okay, but here's what I remember.  First of all, she totally WILL be searchable because she starred as Bonnie, the little sister in "She's Out of Control", my favorite movie when I was nine AFTER "Seven Minutes in Heaven".  Look it up.  You won't be sorry.  Anyway, Nickie wins some sort of random softball trophy or something so Kelly takes her to the Max to celebrate (where ALL major celebrations should take place), and Zack acts all proud of her like he's her little sister, too (um, I don't think so - Mrs. Morris is WAY too busy answering her son's ginormous cell phone when he goes to The Attic and going to Peter, Paul and Mary concerts AND saving homeless men to have more than one child, der), and then of course she falls in love with him.  Hijinx ensue, because of course this is the Teen Line episode, wherein Zack, Lisa and Screech try to score some extra cash giving phone advice to randoms like Louise and Moose (aw, yeah, ten points!) and everything gets all mixed up but is then fine in the end and, like so many others we've come to love, Nickie never appears again. 

Okay, here's what the all-knowing Internet says.  Note, I love it more than life itself:

Nicki Kapowski

Nicki Kapowski(played by Laura Mooney) was Kelly’s tomboyish little sister who developed a crush on Zack. She became convinced that Zack felt the same way after he mixed up her phone call with Kelly's (while running the "Teen Line"). Although she was only thirteen and in the seventh grade, she nonetheless showed up at Bayside High to visit Zack, sporting a more feminine look and demanding a kiss. After trying various ploys to turn her off (including dressing up like a geek and trying to gross her out with a pet spider), Zack finally had to tell her the truth—he wasn’t interested in her; he was in love with Kelly. More angry than hurt, she insults Zack for trying to scare her away instead of having the courage to tell a thirteen year old girl how he really felt.

So I got the spelling wrong, according to Lord Wikipedia, but I totalllllllllllllly forgot about how Zack dressed as a nerd to turn her off!  There was an insect rodeo that Screech went to and Nicki was all ABOUT it.  I am laughing so hard right now.  Also, remember how Zack's phone character was "Nitro" the Australian?  Lisa was Southern, and Screech was "The Insect Man, what's bugging you?"

I am so embarrassed for myself right now.  How have I learned nothing else better in my life to take up that brain space?

Anyway, who is this Nickie Kapowski in real life?  What are her hopes and dreams?  She is totally famous, obviously, as her imdb page is actually filled out.  It doesn't look like she has done anything in  like 12 years, but who cares?  I'd be coasting off those Cricket-voice checks while giving the finger to losers like me who go to an actual office everyday and work.  Or... um... write blogs about shows from the early 1990s.

Also, I LOVE that this episode is called 1-900-CRUSHED.  Amazing.

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