Fall Flavors

Since September 5th marks the end of summer in my book, September 6th begins the most wonderful time of the year!  Fall is the best for many reasons, some of which I will get into now, and others of which I will forget until I'm home later, and think, "Aw!  No, THAT was the best one!" but will be far too lazy to come back and talk about.  Anyway, what are the best things about fall?
1. Jeans and boots.
2. Wearing a winter hat like it is a normal thing with a sweatshirt.
3. The Michigan/Michigan State football game.  No, I went to neither school (let's go, Orange!) but it is fun to watch the game and eat cut-out cookies and have pumpkin beer.
4. No humidity = good hair.
5. All the shows come back!  OH, and, um, 30 Rock is going into syndication.  On TWO channels.  It's like they want me to have a nice life.
6. Burning leaves.
7. Ditch the bronzer and wear regular blush.  Pretend I look like Snow White.  See pictures of myself afterward and get the bronzer out again.
8.  Fall weekends that include sitting outside by the fire and listening to bad music and having dance parties.
9. Pumpkin spice lattes.  I hate pumpkin with a passion, but pumpkin spice lattes are heaven.
10. Bink's birthday! 
I think I am actually wearing that outfit right now.  Jack's of course...

Okay, that one is sort of cheating, I think.  Bink will be one this fall and her party is going to be epic, yo.  Off.  The.  Hook.  There will be an apple cider station.  Yeah, I went there.

Phew.  I was feeling sort of down today (it's cold and dreary and my fatness should be outlawed because of all of the crap I consumed this weekend) but now I am excited to wear a hat and a sweatshirt.  Life is good.

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