Why? Just, why?

Do you think Jodie Sweetin would have been better off just marrying him? She would have avoided all of that Gia nonsense, which of course led to her life of drugs and boob jobs...
Okay, these are not things.  Why would people look for these things, then?  They are NOT things!!!
  • full house stephanie friend duck face
    • What else is there?  That is all you need to know.  Why would you Google this, as this is all the information that is pertinent.
  • famous duck face girl
    • There is no way that is a thing.  It can't be.
  • stupid duck face
    • Duckface was NOT stupid. 
I feel like we should make a power point presentation detailing why all of these are wrong.  It will be set to the tune of "Lady in Red" or "Down on the Corner".  I can't decide.

Oh, and also, I am NOT looking to see if these ARE actual things, which would ruin my huff completely.

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