Turkey Whores

Next week is Thanksgiving.  Who doesn't love Thanksgiving?  Do NOT raise your hand or else we're broken up.  And none of that "but I'm a vegetarian!"crap.  You can eat stuffing without meats.  I often do.  I'm actually doing it right now.

Meat-free. And delicious.
Doing it. 

Definitely still own this.
Anyway, so normally we go to my uncle's house, wherein my husband and I drink all of my family's wine and don't offer to help clean, and then force my little cousins (who are in their twenties, whatever, they will always be babies to me!) to find their old Sweet Valley High and Baby-Sitters Club books and we read them aloud.  Then we go to my husband's family's house and eat more turkey and it is awesome, but there is a lot of driving involved, since we are in one place and my husband's family is a bit north of us.

But not this year.

This year we are going to be doing the coolest thing ever.  Thursday will be spent at my uncle's house, but then Friday morning we are going up to my husband's family lake house and we are doing Thanksgiving there.  Picture a cross between "On Golden Pond" (in terms of beauty, etc.) and "Animal House" (in terms of our behavior).  It is going to be SO much fun.  So I am obsessing over this and this morning I presented Husband with a really good idea.

Me: "We should definitely buy extra stuffing to make after dinner.  It always goes first, because it is the best, and then we can enjoy it as leftovers and everyone will think I am brilliant?"
Husband: "Yeah, good idea."
Me: "Um, it is a REALLY good idea.  Why aren't you more excited about it?  We can have stuffing at like ten at night!"
Husband: "Yup, stuffing is good."

And that was that.  Here's why it makes me furious: what will happen, because this is what ALWAYS happens, is that I will bring up stuffing, and nobody will care, and then someone will find it in the kitchen and make it and everyone will enjoy it and then everyone will take full credit for this awesome idea and it will be like I never existed.  Guaranteed.  And now I have legit proof (when I complain about this, I am always asked for evidence that something was my idea, and now I have it.)  that I thought of this first. 

PS: I mostly called this "Turkey Whores" because I wanted to see if anyone searched for something like this.  I condone neither turkey nor whoring.  You know what I mean.

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  1. You are a genius. I'm glad that you posted this here, because everyone should be aware of this fact--and they WILL be. Nice.