A Thanksgiving Tradition...

Many years ago, my dear brother and I began a Thanksgiving tradition that really captures the essence of our relationship.  Through good times and bad, my baby brother has always been there for me, and the holiday season never truly begins until we embark on our yearly pilgrimage (via email, obviously) to Hot Pocket Land.  Where we request a Thanksgiving pocket.  This is what we've been writing basically since 2001:

Good morning!  I would like to submit a suggestion for your already wonderful assortment of products.  The Thanksgiving pocket!  Holiday season is almost here and I would love to experience turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce in a delicious Hot Pocket.  All best!  Love, K

And every year they reply something lame (I randomly cannot cut and paste it, which sucks because it is hilarious) - the EXACT SAME something lame, and it's always from a girl named Katy Homes.  No joke.

Hooooooot pockeeeeeeeeeeeets. PLEASE tell me you've seen this. Hysterical.
So we sent the email in today, and we will see what happens.  Note: I don't really eat Hot Pockets (anymore, I used to eat them all the time and am now dying for a Cheese Pizza pocket) now, but isn't that an AWESOME idea?!  Come on!  You know you'd be into it when you were wasted at 7-11, picking up snacks for your walk home to your mom's house after a night on the town (just me?  Yikes!) and you can also be famous by association.  Because now you know.  The campaign for the Thanksgiving pocket begins... ten years ago!  Hooray!

Also, I have a Hot Pockets t-shirt that I got from submitting UPC codes that says "Hot and cheesy, fast and easy" and it is the greatest thing of all time. 


  1. That sounds like the most delicious idea for a hot pocket....ever. What is wrong with the hot pocket people?? How can they not see the genius in this idea?? You should start an online petition and a twitter campaign. Maybe then Katy Homes will take you seriously.

  2. I'm with you on that ... perfectly great food combo. Love you idea, but don't like their response to your suggestions. But to be taken seriously by Katy Homes ... that would require you coming back as a hot pocket on Katy's plate. So enjoying your blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.