What a Difference a Night Makes...

So Bink has been going through some serious teething lately, which has turned her into a crabfest.  She has also made the amazing transition from formula (expensive, left Mom poor) to milk (wonderfully inexpensive, I throw money in the streets a la Monopoly Man), which has left her with some "digestion" issues. 

Ergo, I have not slept.  Here was me yesterday:
No! Sleep! Since Thursday!!
So my sainted mother took Bink for a sleepover last night, wherein I slept from 6:30 p.m. until 7:00 this morning.  And here I am today:

You're welcome.
 OMG WHY do kids not sleep?!  I sleep!  Husband sleeps!  We love it!  Why does Bink hate it so much?  It's so amazing!  Anyway, I called the doctor, who had some advice for the milk issue, and stocked up on baby advil for the teeth, so hopefully tonight we'll all enjoy the soothing sounds of silence, until my wall calendar falls off of the fridge and crashes to the floor at 4 a.m., as it did last night, but once we figure out that it isn't a robber, all will be right with the world.  Fingers crossed!!


  1. That is one hot gremlin!

    I don't understand why kids don't sleep either. It's like we're punishing them by making them do it. Hel-lo! Sleeping is fun! When will they learn?

  2. Binks is adorable and so is her mommy