Holiday cheer

So the holidays are coming.  That means you can spend more time with friends, family and other assorted loved ones, getting to know one another all over again, for the first time.  A good way to do this would be spending time reconnecting in front of a fire, drinking mulled cider and enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers.

Or, you could play this.

Yes, it is real.

It's called Un-Uh!  No, He Di'int! and it is the greatest game of all time.  I think that it cost $12 approximately three years ago, so if you are feeling the economic pinch, you could definitely recreate this for $2.50.   

Want to play?  Awesome, let's do it.

This is the box that the game comes in.  Everyone who has played it with me thus far has asked if this is me on the cover.  It is not.

The back of the box.  You can see here that it is a game of secrets and laughter.  They are NOT falsely advertising.  But they are down at the bottom, when they say you should not play it with alcohol.  Much like the 90210 Survey Game I got when I was 13 and still play regularly, you need to play with booze or it is really boring and stupid.
 Rules!  A good game always has rules and UU!NHD-I! is no exception.  Please note that they say on the box not to play with alcohol, but they are hip to our little game and know that not nobody ain't playing with the booze.
More rules.  The glare is kind of bad, but you will see that all of these games neither inspire secrets nor laughter.  MORE false advertising.
 The board.  It looks like you could play multiple games in one evening, as the board is so small.  Do not be fooled.  It takes forever and you will barely be able to finish one game in one night.
 The spinner.  As you can see, you don't get much here.
A close-up of the board.  You probably can't see it, but that yellow square says: "My man's a pig!" "Girl, let me tell you!" and "He never takes me out!"  Be prepared to shout these catchphrases multiple times during the game and in your personal day-to-day life.  You will also probably get these phrases wrong in real life and say different things (i.e. "Go on girl, tell me about it!") and be very shocked and angry when you read the actual catchphrase.
You're welcome.

So if you are thinking of things to do during the coming holiday season, you can play this and think of me.  Or play the 90201 Survey Game (I don't know if they make that anymore) and think of this.  I just want to be in there somewhere.

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