EW Busy. But I think it is over...

Yikes!  October was a total bust, vom, but November should be much better.  How was everyone's Halloween?  Ours was excellent because Bink is still too small to really eat candy, but big enough to wear a costume and have people think she is cute and therefore give her candy.  Husband and I have gone to town on her loot (procured ONLY from friends, I was too embarrassed to ask strangers for candy.  Also, Strangers With Candy.  We should probably talk about this really, really soon.) and it has been wonderful.

I may have mentioned that my large and helpful baby was a St. Bernard.  Note the whiskey barrel. 

You, I hate, Mom.  This outfit sucks.  Wait, camera?  Okay, fine.  I'm cute and fun-loving and would never complain about a costume!
It's no Peter Venkman (hands-down best costume ever), but it was pretty cute.

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