How was everyone's holiday?

Hello, hello!

And we're baaaack!! (please say this like Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck say it in that really stupid SNL skit from 54890 years ago, but sticks in your head anyway even though it is NOT funny.)

How was Thanksgiving?  Mine was fine, with the glaring exception of Little Miss Binks continuing her not-sleeping-streak.  Hooray!  Oh, wait, no, it sucked.  But we managed.  I think she's entering a bit of a clingy phase, where she understands when she isn't at home in her own bed, and gets sad.  Poor Binks!  She also has her first cold, which is decimating me.  I know it is only a cold, and she has had like 58490 illnesses that were way WORSE than colds, but she looks so sad and miserable that it keeps making me cry.

Also, how is everyone's holiday shopping going?  I am pretty much buying everything online now, and it is heaven.  Stores are so full of people who are gross and suck that it is really nice to be able to sit at home and blow through my list without having to actually talk to anyone.  What?!  I was in a store this weekend and it was terrible!  It was so crowded and people are so inconsiderate and it's just easier to skip the whole thing.

What is also extra awesome is Ebates.  Do it, I swear you won't be sorry. Click on my link on the righthand side to enjoy the greatness...

Also, let's talk about awesome deals.  I'm getting tons of them.  What do you need?  What are you getting?  I will try to find you a lower price if you found something you like.  It's sort of my passion.  Which I know is sort of sad.

Okay, I know this post sucked, I'm out of practice!  Promise I'll do better later and we'll be friends again.


  1. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. :-/

    For the grandparents, aunts, and uncles, I give them all the same thing: photo books. A year in the life of my kid, narrated as if he were telling the story. They love it. It takes the guess-work out of shopping, and it costs about the same as what I'd spend on each person anyway. I feel like a genius.

  2. This is an AWESOME idea and what I will be doing from now on. You are a genius!! xo